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Draft of Business Proposal.

Name               : Laili Hidayah
Class                : 4 TPHP 3
NIS                 : 7134
Draft of Business Proposal.
  1. What is the Business proposal  ?
Business proposal is the media to describe the business profile will be developed by an entrepreneur .The important thing for entrepreneurs  is to describe the profile of business or business to be developed.  Therefore, every aspect of the business proposal must be explained as well as possible .Business proposal is a written document that describes all the elements, both internally and externally about the new venture .Through the business proposal , entrepreneurship can be expressed confidence in the ability of a business to sell goods or services to generate satisfactory profits and attractive to funders .Bussiness plan prepared for the legitimacy of a business to be run . Another notion states that bussiness plan is a selling document that reveals the attractiveness and expectations of a business to potential funders .To obtain capital loan , then an entrepreneur must make a business plan or business proposal which contains detailed information about the business that is being or will be implemented , as well as the amount of capital required
  1. What the advantages of business  proposal  ?
In general, the proposal consists of business goals and strategies . Goals are the things that the company wants to achieve , while the strategy is the direction and actions to achieve business objectives .

Business proposal has significance for prospective entrepreneurs entrepreneurship as a statement as the owner and holder of the initiative in opening a business . In addition , business proposal works as follows :
1 . Representation of knowledge and mastery of the field of entrepreneurship that will be executed .
2 . Approximate form of business prospects .
3 . Benchmark and guide the implementation of activities .

The benefits of an entrepreneurial effort in preparing the report include :
a.       Provide an overview of the other party about the company profile .
b.      Inviting potential people to join and work together .
c.       The opportunity to develop the business .
d.      Regulate the formation of mutually beneficial cooperation with other companies , as well as get potential broader business relationships .
e.       Help entrepreneurs understand the competition in economics and financial analysis .
f.       Can obtain equity or loan capital from investors , banks and other potential parties .
Clarify the sources of funding for business management business proposal to :
a. Provide a preliminary picture of the company's managerial ability ;
b . Identify critical risks at key moments ( it is easier to take steps to anticipate ) ;
c . Providing market information and forecasts of potential market share that may be achieved ;
d . Provide information about the financial resources ;
e . Gives an overview of the entrepreneurial ability to meet its obligations .

3.      How to prepare before you make a business proposal  ?
Before we make business we must prepare :
1. Specify the desired type of business
2. Specify aspects of the product that will be made
3. Specify aspects of product marketing
4. Establish the technical aspects of product distribution
5. Establish organizational and management aspects
6. Establish juridical aspects
7. Carry out the administrative aspects
8. Knowing the aspects of financial resources
9. Studying aspects of government policy
10. Studying aspects of  AMDAL
  1. How to make a business proposal  ?
The first thing to do when making a business proposal was the introduction, in the chapter we can explain a little neighbor objectives and background , to short description that describes the efforts that we will create . After that go to the next stage of the company's profile , which contains in its type of business , name of companies to conduct , as well as the business location . Then the detailed description of the Organizational Structure of the Company , but if it will build the business for the individual chapters can be omitted in the proposal .

The next chapter is a detailed description of the company products like Type Items will be sold , Creation / Production Products , until Advantages of products we have . After that headed for the detailed explanation Target Market section , followed by the Promotion and Marketing Strategy we will do . And the next part is crucial chapter is the chapter on Financial Statements , whereby we must be very clear and detailed in informing Allocation Fund , Profit , Revenue to the intentional with investors .

Then at the end of the proposal provide a chapter cover , then some Attachments Complete Biography Business Owners as well as a Letter of Agreement which if the investor approves the proposal . Similarly, of the above are a few things to consider in how to make the right business proposal and polite , I hope the above reviews can be useful and helpful to you all in making a proposal for submission of operating funds .


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