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The appropriate enterprise

the appropriate  enterprise

1.What the base of choosing the appropriate enterprise  ?
   answer : by looking at market opportunities, which opportunities you can do well and that we like
so we would like our own business so that any obstacles that block, with a basic sense of love will surely keep bisbis we face and that we live

How to choose the appropriate enterprise  ?
answer : how to choose the right company in my opinion is to see or analyze whether the company has the opportunity to continue to advance and developing then another reason is to analyze whether the company we choose will generate a lot of profit or loss, other than that we also have to see if this company produces consumer products that are always needed (will always have consumers) that will maintain the company's existence

3.What the tips to open the new business ?
answer : don't be afraid to failed

4.Explain some guide to choose the right business  !

a.Do what you love . It is important to choose a business that you enjoy to run . I can not give much emphasis on this point . Many people start a business for the wrong reason : to get rich . It is true that many millionaires in this country who get a fortune from his own business , which should not be your sole motivation for starting a business . If you do not enjoy what you do , you will not be successful , at least from a mental standpoint . Indeed , the monetary rewards are a wonderful thing , but the mental burden of doing business that can not be enjoyed is a very high price to be paid . I often talk with the entrepreneurs whose business is successful , but not happy because they make themselves sick . If you do not enjoy what you do , the effort will be a burden , not a joy .

b. Do not reinvent the wheel , just make it better . Many new entrepreneurs who think they should come with a new business idea to be successful . This is not entirely true . Most successful businesses are born from innovation , but it needs . Instead of trying to present an idea that could change the world , look around you and see where there is a void that needs filling or a business concept that needs improvement .

Many successful businesses are conducted with established business concept and make it better . Domino's Pizza is not the only one that offers a home delivery , but the only one that guarantees pizza delivered piping hot to your door in 30 minutes or less . Amazon.com is not the first company to sell a book , but one of the first to provide the convenience of buying books from home , even though you 're relaxing at home .

c. Focus on a niche . Many businesses have failed because of trying too many things . The ability to provide thousands of products under one roof according to Wal - Mart , but not for most new businesses . Try to identify a niche that you like and think to start a business from there . If you love to work outdoors , consider starting a landscaping business . If you enjoy working with numbers , consider working as an accountant . Focus on a niche and become an expert in his field .

d. Consider the franchise option . Many new entrepreneurs consider buying a franchise rather than starting a business from scratch . Franchise is a good step to go through the process because they are working hard for you . They already have a proven business model , guidelines for running the business, spent millions of dollars to build a brand and so on . Buying a franchise is big with a process that is not simple . The best advice I can give is to thoroughly investigate the franchisor and the opportunity, use a lawyer to do the deal and read the franchise agreement .

e.. Find out what sets you apart from competitors . If the business is already filled with a lot of other companies that do the same thing as you want , chances are you will fail in the face of established competition . To succeed in the fierce competition , you have to do something that stands out . If you can not quickly and easily differentiate yourself from competitors that big , you better choose other businesses .

f. Most importantly , take your time . Consider part time while you are still working (and income ) to fall back on . Talking to friends and colleagues who use the products or services would you give to see if they could become your customers .

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