Rabu, 27 November 2013


NAMA            :Laili Hidayah
KELAS           :4TPHP3
NIS                 :7134

a.       What the advantages goal setting for the student ?
b.      Explain your goal setting for the future?
c.       How do you prepare to get it ?
d.      What’s the handycaps to get it?
e.       How to solf that handycaps?
A. What the advantages goal setting for the student ?
1.      To know the direction and purpose of our business
2.      you aware of me weaknesses so you can begin to improve them and make
3.      we can make a good system our business
4.       we can check the progress of our business.
5.      Give me a sense of past victories of goals accomplished and motivation to succeed in current goals
6.       Help me to visualize and plan actions to achieve what you want then carry it out
7.      Makes i’m responsible for i’m own success or failures
8.       Make me aware of your own strengths Improve your Goal Setting self-image
B.Explain your goal setting for the future?
            The first I will to begin my little business, maybe I will make some food for all costumer for children until old may be just snack and can application in cuisine or food ready to eat for the children, moreover I can open shop for healt food and the most planning is I can open building shop because I believe in future very much the  people building so I can provide the material for that.
C. How do you prepare to get it
a.       Set and write the goals down
b.      Look at the goals everyday
c.       Identify obstacles that will hinder the achievement of the goal
d.      Create an action plan to reach the goal
e.       Prioritize goals
f.       Always search new idea
D. What’s the handycaps to get it
1.      no funds to finance all activities take my goals
2.      always hesitate in taking a decision due to the high risk
3.      inability to deal with problems that may arise
4.      the competitors who will hinder me in achieving a goal, so it will be difficult to achieve especially economically insufficient and also in science
5.      can not use the best to look for these purposes
E. How to solf that handycaps
a.       prepare capital and mentally strong enough to start a business
b.      make decisions wisely and always please be careful
c.       make fish bone diagram that is difficult to deal with a case problem
d.       healthy competition to the other party, even though we do not know what they would do to us
e.       Never ending to study with our relation 


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